Why kids need to get moving to improve learning and behavioural outcomes

Regular physical activity is crucial to improving children's mental development. I read an article a while ago that discussed how boys are different to girls when it comes to learning and their needs are different too. 

A lack of physical activity makes it harder for kids, particularly boys to concentrate in the classroom. And what researchers have found is the more boys are sitting, the less they are learning. Boys get fidgety and inattentive.

Beyond helping improve cognitive and academic outcomes getting kids moving their bodies and developing skills with their bodies only builds confidence, feelings of happiness and a sense of achievement.

By making exercise a regular thing that both boys and girls do from a young age hopefully that helps them be active adults too.

Here are eight ways to get your kids moving more

  1. Enrol them in sports. It can be a team sport like basketball, football or soccer. Or you could opt for an individual sport like gymnastics, tennis or swimming.

  2. Make sure kids have time everyday to run around outside and move their bodies. The backyard and going to the park are great for this.  

  3. Go for walks after dinner to digest meals and spend time together.

  4. Make exercise fun. Check out rock climbing centres, go for bike rides along rivers, lakes and the ocean.

  5. Get kids bike riding or scooting to get from A to B

  6. Take time out on the weekends to go for nature walks. Just driving 1 hour out of the city can take you to some beautiful places.

  7. Be mindful of how much time is spent sitting and not moving. The reality is most kids spend time playing or learning on devices and regular breaks to get up and move around are a good way to reduce hoe sedentary they are being.

  8. Try taking kids to school earlier so they can have a play and run around for 15 or 20 minutes before they have to sit still in class for a long period of time.

Photo by Achilles Demircan from Pexels