gut health reset workshop

DATE & TIME: Saturday 16th november 10am-4pm

VENUE: our community house 552 victoria st, north melbournE

  • Are you sick of constant problems with reflux, nausea, bloating and wind?

  • Do you know your gut is not happy but cant figure out why?

  • Are you confused about what you should and should not be eating?

  • Do your gut problems affect your energy levels, sleep and mood?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this practical, workshop is for you. You will be given treatment strategies that work. Upon completion, you will also have:

  • An understanding of what is causing your signs and symptoms

  • The knowledge required to order your own gut tests and interpret what they mean

  • A personalised, treatment plan to address your gut problems

  • Find out what diet best suits you right now


Gut signs and symptoms - We will run through the common and not so common gastric signs and symptoms and find out what they tell us about your gut function.

Causes - We will identify the potential causes of each sign and symptom

Testing - Based on your signs and symptoms we will learn what tests to request

Interpret - We interpret your test results to learn what is happening in your body  

Strategy - You will create an individualised treatment strategy for you, including supplements, diets and modalities you may need

Treat - You will be guided through what you need to do to treat nausea, reflux, bloating, wind, changeable bowel motions, food intolerances, worms, parasites and/or bacterial overgrowth

Gut health myth busting - We will cover some common myths about probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods and low carb diets


A stool test kit: Microba is an Australian lab that tests the types and concentration of bacteria in your large bowel. They use DNA technology to provide you with accurate information about the state of your gut bugs. 

A book: "The Psychobiotic Revolution" by Scott C. Anderson, John F. Kryan & Ted Dinan

The Gut Health Reset Toolkit: Action sheets to educate you about better digestive health.

A notebook and pen to write down everything you learn on the day

Love Brand Digestive herbal tea

Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum prebiotic powder

Refreshments provided on the day (gluten-free, dairy-free and FODMAP friendly of course!)


$990 ex GST per person

To learn more or book your spot contact Susan on ph. 0410957059 or send an email to