Susan uses nutrition and science to change and improve health outcomes in people that are experiencing health problems. She works alongside integrative doctors in treating health issus and is a sought-after mentor, author and speaker for integrative practitioners and educators.

Susan is passionate about research in digestive and mental health and is constantly seeking out the latest evidence-based strategies in overcoming health problems to pass on to her clients.

She has a background in clinical naturopathy, nutrition and psychology. Combining a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Health Sociology) and over 10 years of clinical experience, Susan has helped many clients fulfil their health goals. Susan is the owner and director of Healthful Clinic in bayside Melbourne, a busy clinic that focuses on kids, mental and gastrointestinal health disorders.

Susan lives in Melbourne with her husband and two gorgeous kids and loves getting out into nature and camping with her family.